Why I Ditched Mailchimp for Flodesk Email Marketing

Are you ready to stop fighting the Instagram algorithm and start building your email list? I thought so! Meet my marketing secret weapon: Flodesk.

I recently switched my email marketing platform from Mailchimp to Flodesk. I’ve gotta say… I’ve been OBSESSED with my results. From the beautiful design templates, intuitive features, and INCREDIBLE customer support I can’t recommend the platform enough. I first mentioned my first impressions of Flodesk in my post: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog.

flodesk email marketing

Reason #1 Flodesk is Easy to Use!

Before Flodesk, I absolutely dreaded sending out my newsletters. I didn’t think my emails weren’t “pretty enough” or an accurate representation of my brand which stressed me out! I was so excited to try Flodesk since I heard so many great things about the platform.

After struggling to use and design my emails in Mailchimp for about a year, I started shopping around for a new email marketing platform. I was looking for a program that would provide more value to my clients and make me feel confident about my communication strategy.

Flodesk is a women-owned company that makes email marketing stunningly beautiful and more intuitive. They provide gorgeous template designs to make it easy to create a beautiful on-brand email for your audience. Their click and drag email builder makes it easier than ever to create beautifully branded emails with complete ease!

flodesk emails mailchimp

Reason #2 Flodesk will help you save that coin!

Did you know that when you reach certain subscriber thresholds in Mailchimp they charge you more per month? JUST for having more people on your email list? It’s crazy!

Flodesk not only gives you gorgeous emails but they will never charge you a penny more for growing your list. The rate you start with is your rate for life, no matter how big your email list grows. I love it so much, I’m giving you a free trial and 50% off of your Flodesk subscription. Yes, that is 50% off FOREVER.

Reason #3 Flodesk’s Templates are INSANELY beautiful compared to Mailchimp

And here’s what the templates look like in Flodesk…

flodesk email templates

Flodesk has dozens of email templates to choose from that are seamless, clean, and effective. If you’re looking to provide value and personalization straight to your future client’s inbox, Flodesk is my secret weapon to staying engaged with my clients.

Reason #4 Analytics tracking and Sign Up Forms are easier and more intuitive

The analytical tracking page is much easier to understand and react to in Flodesk than any other service I’ve used in the past. Each email sent out has personal analytics for each member of your list that includes, open rate, bounce rate, and click rate. They also provide personal touches like recommended morning/ evening send times that best suite your audience.

Reason #5 Your clients will actually read your Emails

As a Mailchimp customer, I struggled to get honest engagement from my subscribers. Now, my subscribers not only OPEN my emails far more, but my average click rate has also skyrocketed!

Flodesk changed the game for me, and I’m shouting it from the blogosphere rooftops! If you’re looking to provide gorgeous emails for your small business, I highly recommend Flodesk.

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