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Top Affiliate Marketing Programs for New Bloggers in 2021

December 29, 2020

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It’s time to get that coin! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income in the world of online business and entrepreneurship. I made a goal in 2020 to set up passive revenue streams. They’re super easy to set up and can give you the ability to make money without putting in hours and hours of your time.

I was very intimidated by affiliate marketing and passive income at first. I thought: No one is going to care about what I think and even if they do they’re not just going to buy it because I said so. That was my first mistake, but luckily making mistakes is how you learn to navigate the newness of it all.

Joining affiliate programs is the first recommendation of the new year because a little can go a long way. The purpose is to recommend products and services that are relevant to your business and when people sign up, you receive a small commission from that sale. It’s a win for the company you are recommending and for you!

Here are a few affiliate programs that I personally use (and love!) for online business owners in every niche.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post include Affiliate Links.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

First things first, Amazon. I highly recommend the Amazon Influencer Program for anyone looking to get started with affiliate marketing and earn passive income. Why? Because it’s the easiest program that spans virtually any niche that you can imagine. Are you a food blogger? You can recommend the cookbooks, appliances, kitchenware, and utensils you use. Are you a photographer? You can recommend the gear you use for sharp photos. A mommy blogger? You can recommend your baby’s favorite pacifier and the items in your nursery. As simple as that!

Amazon lets you set up idea lists which are groups of products that live on your Amazon Influencer page. You also have the ability to make personalized commissionable links. You can add your unique Amazon products links blog posts, share on social media, and recommend them to your audience. However, there is an approval process for the Amazon Influencers program so I would join sooner rather than later because it typically takes a few weeks.

2. Shareasale

Shareasale is an affiliate marketing network tailored to both companies and influencers to match up their influencing power. Similar to Amazon’s program, they offer a wide range of commissionable links to products in relevant niches. I’d recommend Shareasale for beginners as a good way to start getting into the habit of affiliate marketing. They have a simple process to sign up so perfect for new affiliate marketers! Check out Shareasale here.

3. Flodesk

I recently wrote on the blog about why I switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk for email marketing. I truly rave about this program so much. Flodesk is an email marketing program with gorgeous email templates, automated workflows, and organizational bliss for business owners. I use Flodesk to communicate with my audience and regularly let them know about what’s going on in the business. As for their affiliate program, when you join Flodesk you have the ability to give anyone 50% off their monthly membership, forever. I promise it’s not too good to be true. Once you are a Flodesk user, for every sign up through your personal code you receive $19 straight to your bank account.

It’s probably the easiest and most well-deserved affiliate program because it’s a program I think so highly of. If you’re interested in earning passive income through Flodesk, here’s 50% off of your Flodesk membership so you can send gorgeous emails and start earning passive income from Day 1.

4. G-Suite by Google

Next up, G-Suite! Now I’ll be honest with you, the first couple months of my business life, I had a email address (I know, SCREAM!) It’s a mistake I didn’t even know I was making! Establishing a strong brand presence begins with professionalism and having your own brand name as your email domain is the icing on the cake. G-Suite gives you the full G-mail experience for your business and the ability to earn passive income on top of that. You can also have multiple addresses for segmented your business umbrella i.e. or even

The G-Suite program also allows you to earn a commission off of recommending the service to other entrepreneurs. I personally believe every business owner should have a G-suite account for their business, it’s a must!

Here is a 20% off code for your G-Suite membership use code YD9H6KFMC6CTVUX for the Starter plan and code A4MVVR97JAPGQFJ for the Business plan.

5. RewardStyle

If you’ve followed any fashion blogger on Instagram circa 2015 – 2020, you’ve probably heard of RewardStyle. Rewardstyle is an affiliate program geared toward fashion bloggers and influencers recommending clothes and products through the LiketoKnowit app. I’ve only just started dabbling with Rewardstyle but it’s a robust program for anyone in the influencer/ fashion world.

6. Creative Market

My last recommendation is Creative Market. I was first introduced to Creative Market while scouring the internet for a good font for my website, only to discover how much more they offer. Creative Market has fonts, stock photos, graphics, and web themes all in one place.

As for the CM affiliate program, it’s perfect for bloggers and designers that utilize visuals as a part of their business. You get a percentage of the earnings you recommend and support other creators in the process.

Those are top affiliate programs to consider joining in 2021! My last tip is to look at programs and resources you already use and see if they offer referrals and commissions that you use and can recommend to your community.

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