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Three Ways To Add Personality To Your Website

March 15, 2021

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Your website is your digital home base. Regardless of if you own a service-based or product-based business, your website should have its own level of flare and personality that reflects your brand.

1. Video

Video is really taking over the social landscape and your website is no exception! Adding vibrant and relevant videos to your website helps your viewers and potential customers relate to you in a way that photos and copy might not be able to convey at first.

A captivating way to include video in your website is to make background banners or “canvas backgrounds” depending on what web host you use. You can set a video in the background and text in the foreground of a page and create some cool effects.

Here are a few ways to incorporate video on your website

  • Banner/ Canvas Background
  • Youtube or Vimeo Embed
  • Short GIF clips
Using Video On Your Website

2. Textures and Graphics

Textured Elements help to bring a different and not often used aesthetic to your website! I’ve recently been playing around with texture in website designs and it’s a game-changer!

You can re-create effects that add depth and texture to make your webpage more dynamic and 3D.

Here are some ideas for textured elements:

  • Textured Backgrounds
  • Shadow Effects
  • Textured Elements

3. Get A Little Personal

Writing Copy can be tricky sometimes but it’s a great way for your audience to gain a personal connection to you, your story and your mission.

Don’t be afraid to get a little personal and be open to tell your story! You never know who will relate to your journey.

Getting Personal Through Copy

I create impactful website designs and website templates for the Showit platform. My mission is to help female entrepreneurs launch their dream website and stunning digital presence. You can find my custom design services on my services page and my DIY template shop.

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3 ways to add personality to your website

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