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How to Upload Custom Fonts in Showit

October 6, 2021

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Today we’re going to show you step by step how to upload custom fonts in Showit! Luckily, the Showit platform comes stocked with all of the Google Fonts which is great! But… sometimes you want something a bit more unique! So today we’re going to break down step by step how to use your own custom fonts in Showit!

Step 1: Choose a Font!

There are a LOT of custom font designs for purchase that you can utilize on your website. Fonts and font licenses are fairly simple but important to pay attention to so you avoid any legal issues. We purchase most of our custom font licenses on Creative Market – a creative marketplace where you can buy fonts, graphics, mockups, etc. From there, you will need to purchase the license! For website usage, you should select a web font license when you check out. This is VERY important to remember! Some of our favorite fonts to use is Glamour Absolute and California Palms Script font!

Step 2: Convert to WOFF file

Once you have the font and license downloaded you will need to make sure it is a WOFF file. If the seller included a WOFF file… great! If not, you will need to convert the file into a WOFF on a converter such as FontSquirrel.

Step 3: Upload the WOFF file to your Showit Media Library

Then you’ll need to drag and drop your WOFF files into your showit media library. You can add as many here as you’d like!

Step 4: Go to Your Design Panel & Upload

The last few steps are easy! Go to your design panel and select the “Fonts” tab. There is a section at the bottom called “Custom Fonts” shown below! The dropdown will display any WOFF files that have been added to your media library. Select one and then click “add custom font”. Once the Custom Font has been added to the list just hit Save and you are good to go! If you are free to add the font to your site style guide or to any text section of your website independently.

We hope this helped you learn how to upload your custom fonts in showit! Be sure to check out our website template collection for more creative designs! Share the Post to save!

how to upload fonts in showit

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